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E-GEOD-31324 - Expression data of freshly microdissected human hair follicle dermal papilla and its comparisons

Released on 10 August 2011, last updated on 22 August 2011
Homo sapiens
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The dermal papilla (DP) of the hair follicle plays crucial roles in the hair follcie morphogenesis and cycling. Thus, the elucication of human DP molecular signature is of great interest. DP cell culture by conventional method impairs intrinsic properties of DP cells. Isolatoion of human DP is hampered by the lack of specific cell surface markers. Thus, it still depends on manual microdissection, with which the removal of minor contamination is unfeasible. Cultured DP cells are mostly pure. Aggregation of cultured DP cells was shown to restore some intrinsic properties in cultured DP cells. Fibroblasts are distinct dermal cell population and provide baseline for DP arrays. Four sets of Genechip microarrays were generated from freshly-microdissected DPs (fDP), cultured DP cells (cDP), cultured fibroblasts (Fibro) collected from respective volunteers. Two sets of Genechips were additionally prepared from aggregated DP cells (agDP) and cultured DP cells which were used for the generation of agDPs (each set derived from respective volunteer). These Genechips can be compared to elucidate the genes possibly contribute to intrinsic property of intact human DPs. For instance, comparisons between cultured DP (cDP) and fibroblast (Fibro) or between aggregated DP (agDP) and cDP could sort out potential DP signature genes, as each population is predominantly consisted of DP cells. When the expression levels of those genes were compared between fDP and cDP chips, the genes up- or equally expressed in fDPs should represent DP signature genes.
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