E-GEOD-31197 - Transcriptome profiling of Hansenula polymorpha in response to sulfur starvation and cadmium stress

Released on 31 July 2014, last updated on 2 August 2014
Ogataea angusta
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Transcriptome profiling analysis of the Hansenula polymorpha MET4 gene deletion strain have been carried out to obtain comprehensive information on the HpMet4p-mediated regulatory networks in association with the cadmium (Cd) detoxification and sulfur regulation in H. polymorpha. Total RNA samples were collected from H. polymorpha wild type, and HpMET4 deletion strain, under sulfur starvation or Cd (0.6 mM) stress conditions. The differential fluorescence intensities of each RNA sample were measured after labeling with Cy3 or Cy5. For all analyses, we performed dye swapping experiments to avoid dye bias. Thus, four intensity values were generated for each ORF and averaged for analysis.
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transcription profiling by array 
Min Jeong Sohn <sohnmj@kaist.ac.kr>, Andrei A Sibirny, Doo-Byoung Oh, HyunAh Kang, MinJeong Sohn, Ohsuk Kwon, SangKi Rhee, SangYup Lee, Vera M Ubiyvovk
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