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E-GEOD-31030 - Targeting microRNAs for asthma treatment

Released on 11 January 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Profiling miRNA expression in cells that directly contribute to human disease pathogenesis is likely to aid the discovery of novel drug targets and biomarkers. However, tissue heterogeneity and the limited amount of human diseased tissue available for research purposes present fundamental difficulties that often constrain the scope and potential of such studies. We established a flow cytometry-based method for isolating pure populations of pathogenic T cells from bronchial biopsy samples of asthma patients, and optimized a high-throughput nano-scale qRT-PCR method capable of accurately measuring 96 miRNAs in as little as 100 cells. Comparison of circulating and airway T cells from healthy and asthmatic subjects revealed asthma-associated and tissue-specific miRNA expression patterns. These results establish the feasibility and utility of investigating miRNA expression in small populations of cells involved in asthma pathogenesis, and set a precedent for application of our nano-scale approach in other human diseases. We analyzed the concordance in results obtained by nano-scale qPCR and miRNA microarrays. RNA extracted from human Th2 cells was used for parallel profiling by both nano-scale PCR and microarray method. Fifty nanograms (ng) of RNA was used for the microarray method and cDNA from 1 ng (~1000 cell equivalent) of RNA, pre-amplified by 18 cycle PCR reaction, was used for miRNA detection by the nano-scale qPCR method (G.Seumois et al. in submission). Out of the 92 miRNAs assayed, 51 were detected by nano-scale qPCR. Of these, 45 were detected by microarray analysis, including the 32 miRNAs with the strongest signal intensities on the nano-scale qPCR platform. One sample; one color design. This is a single array from a larger normalized set of data investigating targeting microRNAs for asthma treatment that is to published separately.
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transcription profiling by array 
Andrea J Barczak <>, Gregory Seumois, K M Ansel, Pandurangan Vijayanand
An integrated nano-scale approach to profile miRNAs in limited clinical samples. Seumois G, Vijayanand P, Eisley CJ, Omran N, Kalinke L, North M, Ganesan AP, Simpson LJ, Hunkapiller N, Moltzahn F, Woodruff PG, Fahy JV, Erle DJ, Djukanovic R, Blelloch R, Ansel KM.
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