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E-GEOD-31028 - Genome-wide maps of histone modifications unwind in vivo chromatin states of the hair follicle lineage

Released on 1 September 2011, last updated on 14 September 2011
Mus musculus
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Mouse hair follicles (HFs) undergo synchronized cycles. Cyclical regeneration and hair growth is fueled by stem cells (SCs). During the rest phase, the HF-SCs remain quiescent due to extrinsic inhibitory signals within the niche. As activating cues accumulate, HF-SCs become activated, proliferate, and grow downward to form transient-amplifying matrix progenitor cells. We used microarrays to detect the relative levels of global gene expression underlying the states of hair follicle stem cells and their transient-amplifying progeny before differentiation. Quiescent hair follicle stem cells (qHF-SCs), activated hair follicle stem cells (aHF-SCs) and transient-amplifying matrix cells (HF-TACs) were FACS-purified for RNA extraction and hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays. To obtain homogeneous populations of expression profiles, we applied the FACS technique to purify SC and TACs according to their cell surface markers.
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