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E-GEOD-30734 - Genome-wide binding map of the HIV Tat protein to the human genome (gene expression)

Released on 6 November 2011, last updated on 4 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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The HIV-1 Trans-Activator of Transcription (Tat) protein binds to multiple host cellular factors and greatly enhances the level of transcription of the HIV genome. Here, we report the genome-wide binding map of Tat to the human genome in Jurkat T cells (Jurkat-Tat cells) using chromatin immunoprecipitation combined with next-generation sequencing. cDNA microarray was used to monitor gene expression changes between Jurkat and Jurkat-Tat cells. Additionally, we compared distribution of H3K9ac near gene promoters between Jurkat and Jurkat-Tat cells using ChIP-chip method and hybridized onto Agilent promoter array. Our data reveal that Tat’s interaction with the host genome is more extensive than previously thought, with potentially important implications for the viral life cycle. Agilent gene expression microarray was used to compare gene expression changes between Jurkat T cells and Jurkat T cells expressing HIV-Tat protein (Jurkat-Tat T cells) Expression profiles on Jurkat-Tat cells versus Jurkat cells. ChIP on chip for H3K9ac in Jurkat-Tat versus Jurkat cells. ChIP-seq for HIV-1 Tat protein in Jurkat-Tat cells.
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transcription profiling by array 
Siavash K Kurdistani <>, Celine Marrban, Siavash Kurdistani, Trent Su
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