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E-GEOD-30083 - Expression data from CD4 single positive thymocyte subsets from C57BL/6 mice of 6-8 wks of age

Released on 13 February 2012, last updated on 26 June 2012
Mus musculus
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After positive selection in the thymus, the newly generated single positive (SP) thymocytes are phenotypically and functionally immature and undergo apoptosis upon antigen stimulation. In the thymic medullary microenvironment, SP cells progressively acquire immunocompetence. Negative selection to remove autoreactive T cells also occur at this stage. We have defined four subsets of CD4 SP, namely, SP1, SP2, SP3, and SP4 that follow a functional maturation program and a sequential emergence during mouse ontogeny. We used microarray to detail the global programm of gene expression during the maturation of murine CD4 single positive thymocytes Four subsets of CD4+CD8-CD25-NK1.1- thymocytes from C57BL/6 mice of 6-8 wks of age were purified for RNA extraction and hybridization on Affymetrix microarrays, namely, SP1 (Qa-2-6C10+CD69+), SP2 (Qa-2-6C10-CD69+), SP3 (Qa-2-6C10-CD69-), SP4 (Qa-2+6C10-CD69-).
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transcription profiling by array 
Qing Ge <>, Fei Teng, Wei-Feng Chen, Yu Zhang, Yubin Zhou
The molecular signature underlying the thymic migration and maturation of TCRαβ+ CD4+ CD8 thymocytes. Teng F, Zhou Y, Jin R, Chen Y, Pei X, Liu Y, Dong J, Wang W, Pang X, Qian X, Chen WF, Zhang Y, Ge Q. , PMID:22022412
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