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E-GEOD-29757 - Queen conch (Strombus gigas) digestive gland gene expression in the Florida Keys: offshore versus nearshore

Released on 7 June 2011, last updated on 3 May 2014
Strombus gigas
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Reproduction of queen conchs at nearshore sites in the Florida Keys is known to be impaired (Delgado et al. 2004). A recent microarray study of male queen conchs collected from the Florida Keys during the early part of the reproductive season (February, 2007) indicated that NS conchs show differences in expression of spermatogenesis-related and small GTPase signaling transcripts (Spade et al. 2010). The current study investigates gene expression in the digestive gland, which is closely associated with ovary, of female queen conchs from the same sampling effort in February, 2007. One-color (Cy3) oligonucleotide array experiment. Each array sample is an individual biological replicate. The study includes four biological replicates offshore and three biological and one technical replicate nearshore. Offshore conchs exhibit normal reproduction, and so were considered the reference group in the analysis.
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transcription profiling by array 
Daniel James Spade <>, Daniel J Spade, Nancy D Denslow, Robert A Glazer
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