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E-GEOD-29361 - Analysis of p53 target genes in melanoma part 2

Released on 1 December 2011, last updated on 13 December 2011
Homo sapiens
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Although mutations in p53 are infrequent in human melanoma, its function is abnormal. In this study, whole genome bead arrays were used to examine the expression of p53 target genes in extracts from 6 melanoma cell lines, compared to extracts derived from diploid human melanocytes and fibroblasts, to provide a global assessment of aberrant p53 function. The expression of these genes was also examined in extracts derived from melanocytes and melanoma cell lines in which p53 expression had been inhibited using shRNA and compared to cells that had been transduced with a control shRNA. Total RNA extracted from 18 samples was analysed representing duplicates of 6 melanoma cell lines, 1 melanocyte cell line and 2 fibroblast cell lines. Melanoma cell lines were compared to normal cell lines. In addition, IgR3, Mel-RM and melanocyte cell lines were transduced with either control shRNA or p53 shRNA to evaluate the effect of p53 on its target genes. Cell lines transduced with control shRNA were compared to cell lines transduced with p53shRNA. Duplicates were analysed.
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transcription profiling by array 
Kelly Kiejda <>, Amanda J Croft, Bente A Talseth-Palmer, Carla Kairupan, Helen Rizos, Katie A Ashton, Kelly A Avery-Kiejda, Lyndee L Scurr, Nikola A Bowden, Peter Hersey, Rodney J Scott, Xu D Zhang
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