E-GEOD-2853 - Transcription profiling of liver samples from Macaca fascicularis treated with varying doses of ciprofibrate for 4 or 15 days

Released on 22 July 2007, last updated on 3 March 2012
Macaca fascicularis
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Liver gene expression was examined in male cynomolgus monkeys treated with ciprofibrate (PPAR-alpha agonist) for 4 days at 400 mg/kg/day and treated for 15 days at 0, 3, 30, 150 or 400 mg/kg/day. The untreated control group were given only the vehicle (0.5% hydroxypropyl methylcellulose). Two animals per group were used for the 4 day treatment and four animals per group were used for the 15 day treatment (except the 15 day control group, which had three animals). Selection of significantly changed probesets was done using Rosetta Resolver and the fold-change and p values as determined by Resolver are given below. Affymetrix CEL files and MAS5-processed data have been made availabe for convenience. Note that data processing reported in the Toxicological Sciences manuscript was done using Rosetta Resolver and the treated versus control group fold-change and p-value are appended to the Series entry. An article has been published in Toxicological Sciences regarding this dataset; the data interpretation was based on the Rosetta Resolver data. Experiment Overall Design: Groups consisted of (i) vehicle only for 4 days, (ii) 400 mg/kg/day ciprofibrate for 4 days, (iii) vehicle only for 15 days and (iv) 3, 30, 150, or 400 mg/kg/day ciprofibrate for 15 days.
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, compound treatment, dose response
Gene expression profiling of the PPAR-alpha agonist ciprofibrate in the cynomolgus monkey liver. Neal F Cariello, Elizabeth H Romach, Heidi M Colton, Hong Ni, Lawrence Yoon, J Greg Falls, Warren Casey, Donald Creech, Steven P Anderson, Gina R Benavides, Debie J Hoivik, Roger Brown, Richard T Miller.
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