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E-GEOD-28230 - Comparison of gene expression profiles of A549 cell treated with NRF2 siRNA and control siRNA

Released on 1 April 2011, last updated on 2 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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To examine the role of NRF2 in accelerating cell proliferation and to identify the target genes responsible for this function, transcriptome analysis was performed using A549 cells, in which NRF2 is constitutively activated. NRF2 was knocked down by siRNA against NRF2, and the gene expression profile was compared with that of A549 cells treated with control siRNA. To exclude off-target effects, three different siRNAs against NRF2 was independently applied. NRF2 siRNA or control siRNA was transfected into A549 cells. Cells were harvested 24 hours after transfection, and total RNA was purified.
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transcription profiling by array 
Hozumi Motohashi <>, H Motohashi, M Yamamoto, Y Mitsuishi
Nrf2 redirects glucose and glutamine into anabolic pathways in metabolic reprogramming. Mitsuishi Y, Taguchi K, Kawatani Y, Shibata T, Nukiwa T, Aburatani H, Yamamoto M, Motohashi H. , PMID:22789539
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