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E-GEOD-27978 - IL-6-mediated activation of STAT3α prevents trauma/hemorrhagic shock-induced liver inflammation

Released on 16 March 2011, last updated on 2 June 2014
Rattus norvegicus
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We previously demonstrated in rodents that T/HS results in liver injury that can be prevented by IL-6 administration at the start of resuscitation, however the mechanism(s) for the IL-6 protective effect is not fully known. We used microarrays to detail the global gene expression in response to T/HS and the effect of IL-6 on this model with and without pharmacologic blockade of Stat3-mediated IL-6 and identified distinct members of the inflammasome de-regulated during T/HS that normalized with IL-6 administration during resuscitation. Adult male rats were subjected to either sham procedure, a trauma plus hemorrhagic shock (T/HS) procedure, T/HS with IL-6 versus PBS during resuscitation, or pretreatment with pharmacologic blockade of Stat3-mediated IL6 via GQ-ODN and after procedural completion, animals were sacrificed and livers were taken and homegenized for RNA extraction and microarray analysis using Affymetrix Rat 230A GeneChip® array
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Stephen Andrew Thacker <>, Ana Moran, Ayse A Arikan, Bi Yu, David J Tweardy, Mary-Ann A Mastrangelo, Stephen A Thacker, Yong Wu
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