E-GEOD-27678 - Gene expression analysis in a variety of normal, premalignant and squamous cell carcinomas of the cervix

Released on 17 September 2013, last updated on 2 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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We sought to apply the technologies of gene expression profiling to detect genes significant in the aetiology of cervical carcinoma . We investigated 14 normal (NAD), 11 low grade squamous intrapepithelial lesions (LSIL), 21 high grade squamous intraepithelial lesions (HSIL) and 28 squamous cell carcinomas by Affymetrix GeneChip whole transcriptome profiling. Two SCC cell lines were also included in the cohort. Normal and SILS were profiled using the Affymetrix U133A platform, while SCCs and Cell lines were profiled using the Affymetrix U133A plus 2.0 array. This submission describes the transcriptional profiles of a cohort totalling 77 cervical normal, premalignant lesions, and squamous cell carcinomas
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transcription profiling by array 
Anasuya Chattopadhyay, Baljinder Muralidhar, Cinzia Scarpini, David Winder, Dawn Ward, Emma Gooding, Geeta Mukherjee, Grace Ng, Ian Roberts, Konstantina Karagavriilidou, Marie Philips, Mark Pett, Matthew Murray, Nicholas Coleman, Pamela Stacey, Stephanie Carter
Overexpression of the oncostatin M receptor in cervical squamous cell carcinoma cells is associated with a pro-angiogenic phenotype and increased cell motility and invasiveness. Winder DM, Chattopadhyay A, Muralidhar B, Bauer J, English WR, Zhang X, Karagavriilidou K, Roberts I, Pett MR, Murphy G, Coleman N. , Europe PMC 21952923
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