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E-GEOD-27612 - Differential gene expression in resistant and susceptible peanut cultivars during Aspergillus infection

Released on 31 July 2011, last updated on 3 May 2014
Arachis hypogaea
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To identify peanut Aspergillus-interactive and Aspergillus-resistance genes, we carried out a large scale peanut Expressed Sequence Tag (EST) project followed by a peanut microarray study. For expression profiling, resistant and susceptible peanut cultivars were infected with a mixture of Aspergillus flavus and parasiticus spores. Microarray analysis identified 65 and 1 genes in resistant (C20) and susceptible (TF) cultivars, respectively, that were up-regulated in response to Aspergillus infection. In addition we identified 40 putative Aspergillus-resistance genes that were constitutively up-expressed in the resistant cultivar in comparison to the susceptible cultivar. Some of these genes were homologous to peanut, corn, and soybean genes previously shown to confer resistance to fungal infection. These results provide a comprehensive genome-scale platform for future studies focused on developing Aspergillus-resistant peanut cultivars through conventional breeding, marker-assisted breeding, or biotechnological methods by gene manipulation. Four samples were analyzed with four hybs. Two samples were obtained from resistant (C20) and and susceptible (TF) cultivars. Two factors were varied in the experimental design: (i) peanut cultivars (resistant (GT-C20) and susceptible (TF)) and (ii) Aspergillus exposure. A combination of these factors produced four hybridizations as follows: (1) C20Y vs. TFY (GT-C20 infected vs. TF infected) (2) C20Y vs. C20N (GT-C20 infected vs. not infected) (3) TFY vs. TFN (TF infected vs. not infected) (4) C20N vs. TFN (GT-C20 not infected vs. TF not infected)
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Natalie Fedorova <>, Baozhu Guo, Chun-Hua Wan, Deepak Bhatnagar, Jiujiang Yu, Natalie D Fedorova, William C Nierman, Xiaoping Chen
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