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E-GEOD-2703 - Transcription profiling of Macaca mulatta adrenal gland over a 24 hour period to investigate circadian regulation of gene expression

Submitted on 24 May 2005, released on 5 October 2007, last updated on 27 March 2012
Macaca mulatta
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Circadian regulation of gene expression in central and peripheral tissue has been studied in mice. The biomedical implications of this findings led us to the development of a model in which to study the circadian mechanisms underlying primate physiology. The objective of this experiment has been to identify genes that are circadianly regulated in the monkey (macaca mulatta) adrenal gland. We analyzed the data using three filters: the first one for presence in at least three out of six time points (presence call=P, P value<0.05). The second one for high amplitude oscillations, using the coefficient of variation with a cutt of value of 0.2 (selecting probesets above that value). The last one for circadian expression, calculating the correlation of each curve to cosine curves of 24h periodicity and defined phases with increments of 10 minutes from 0 to 24h. After two filtrations, the probesets obtained were identified using gene ID, PubMed accession number, and description, and clustered into well-known pathways. Identification of clock genes was used as an internal control for the determination of phase distribution of the transcripts across the day. Part of the array data has been validated by sq PCR, real time-PCR and immunohistochemistry, with succesful results. This study provides evidences for circadian mechanisms of gene expression in primate tissue, in vivo.
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transcription profiling by array, co-expression, physiological process, time series
Twenty-four-hour rhythmic gene expression in the rhesus macaque adrenal gland. Dario R Lemos, Jodi L Downs, Henryk F Urbanski. Mol Endocrinol 20(5):1164-76 (2006)
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