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E-GEOD-26936 - Expression data from rat urinary bladder and non-glandular stomach tissue samples

Released on 18 July 2011, last updated on 2 August 2011
Rattus norvegicus
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Seven novel and potent Raf small molecule kinase inhibitors were evaluated in 7-day oral repeat-dose rat toxicity studies. All compounds tested induced hyperplasia in multiple tissues. Microarrays were used to investigate transciptional changes associated by treatment with a single compound to gain insight into the cellular changes that may contribute to the tissue hyperplasia. Two groups (25 females/group) received oral daily dosing for 7 days of either Vehicle or compound C1 dosed at 100 mg/kg. Five animals from each group were euthanized on Days 1 (4-5 hrs post first dose; received 1 dose), 2 (received 1 dose), 3 (received 2 doses), 5 (received 4 doses) and 8 (received 7 doses). Bladder tissues were collected and profiled at all five time points. Stomach tissues were collected and profiled at the earliest two time points. A single day 3 animal was not available for genomic profiling; therefore, expression data was collected for a total of 49 bladder and 20 stomach samples.
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transcription profiling by array 
Cameron Zimmermann, Cynthia Afshari, John Wisler, Josette Carnahan, Mark Fielden, Scott Taylor, Steven Vonderfecht
Raf Inhibition Causes Extensive Multiple Tissue Hyperplasia and Urinary Bladder Neoplasia in the Rat. Wisler JA, Afshari C, Fielden M, Zimmermann C, Taylor S, Carnahan J, Vonderfecht S. , PMID:21677315
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