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E-GEOD-26325 - Gene expression profiles of Hodgkin’s lymphoma cell lines with different sensitivity to cytotoxic drugs

Released on 10 January 2011, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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By using high-density DNA microarrays, we analyzed the gene-expression profile of Hodgkin's lymphoma cell lines. Furthermore, we tested the sensitivity of these cell lines for cytotoxic drugs (cisplatin, etoposide, melphalan) and compared the gene-expression profile of chemotherapy-resistant and -sensitive cell lines. Staege et al., Exp Hematol 2008;36:886-896 RNA was extracted from established Hodgkin's lymphoma cell lines and hybridized with Affymetrix HG_U133A microarrays.
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transcription profiling by array 
Martin Sebastian Staege <>, Dieter Koerholz, Guenther H Richter, Martin S Staege, Stefan Burdach, Ursula Banning-Eichenseer
Gene expression profiles of Hodgkin's lymphoma cell lines with different sensitivity to cytotoxic drugs. Staege MS, Banning-Eichenseer U, Weissflog G, Volkmer I, Burdach S, Richter G, Mauz-Körholz C, Föll J, Körholz D. , PMID:18400362
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