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E-GEOD-26231 - Noggin vs BMP4 overexpression Epidermis

Released on 21 December 2012, last updated on 17 July 2013
Mus musculus
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The study was performed to determine if there were alterations in the total RNA pool among the epidermal keratinocytes of K14 promotor-driven noggin overexpression compared with K14 promotor-driven BMP4 overexpression transgenic animals, which will directly relate to cellular chemistry and immune and sensory function. The total study is also aimed at determining alterations of transcrption factors and/or regulation of gene function, including methylation states and micro RNA control in keratinocytes following sensory challenge, particularly neuropathic and chronic pain conditions. Keywords: Comparison of RNA expression between BMP4-oex and Nog-oex transgenic epidermal keratinocytes Eight-ten epidermis strips were laser captured per animal, and six (6) animals were used per transgenic condition. Recovered RNA samples were pooled from 2 groups of 3 noggin transgenics and 2 groups of 3 BMP4 transgnics to create four pools for hybridization.
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transcription profiling by array 
Sridar Chittur <>, Frank L Rice, Phillip J Albrecht
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