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E-GEOD-26009 - Corneal epithelial cells

Released on 11 December 2010, last updated on 27 November 2011
Mus musculus
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Dr. Panjwani's laboratory is focusing on the mechanism by which galectins-3 and 7 mediate corneal epithelial cell migration. We are currently performing studies to: (i) identify and characterize the corneal epithelial cell surface and extracellular matrix (ECM) molecules which serve as counterreceptors of galectin-3 and -7, to establish whether the lectins modulate corneal epithelial cell migration by binding to well known integrins, growth factor receptors, and/or ECM molecules and (ii) determine whether galectin-3 mediates corneal epithelial cell migration indirectly by modulating the expression of key adhesion and/or signal transduction molecules by using small interfering RNA, cDNA microarrays and glycogene arrays. We have prepared three independent preparations of total RNA of corneal epithelial cells from WT mice (total six samples) for analysis of glycogene expression. Samples are Normal Cornea (Left eye) and Laser ablation + 16-18 hours healing (right eye)
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transcription profiling by array 
Steven Head <>, Noorjahan Panjwani, Steven R Head
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