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E-GEOD-25744 - Comparative analysis of hESCs and iPSCs-derived hepatocyte-like cells reveals current drawbacks and possible strategies for improved differentiation

Released on 20 January 2011, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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Two independent protocols for deriving HLCs from hESCs and iPSCs were adopted and further characterization included immunocytochemistry, real-time RT-PCR, and in vitro functional assays. Comparative microarray-based gene expression profiling was conducted on these cells and compared to the transcriptomes of human fetal liver and adult liver progenitors. HLCs derived from hESCs and hiPSCs showed significant functional similarities, similar expression of genes important for liver physiology and common pathways. However, specific differences between the two cell types could be observed. Total RNA obtained from undifferentiated hESCs, iPSCs, HLCs (hepatocyte-like cells)-derived from hESCs and iPSCs, fetal forskin fibroblasts and fetal liver.
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transcription profiling by array 
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