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E-GEOD-25646 - modENCODE_White Lab: genome-wide ChIP data of KW3-Trl-D2 from D.yak_E0-4h on Illumina Genome Analyzer

Released on 15 February 2011, last updated on 2 June 2014
Drosophila yakuba
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This is a dataset generated by the Drosophila Regulatory Elements modENCODE Project led by Kevin P. White at the University of Chicago. It contains genome-wide binding profile of the factor KW3-Trl-D2 from D.yak_E0-4h generated by ChIP and analyzed on Illumina Genome Analyzer. For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and A validated dataset is comprised of three biological replicates for ChIP-chip experiments and two replicates for ChIP-seq and meet the modENCODE quality standards. The control sample is the chromatin Input used for ChIP. Factors binding profiles are generated by using specific antibodies for the protein of interest. This submission represents the ChIP-seq component of the study
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Kevin P. White <>, Kevin P White, Nicholas A Bild, Nicolas Negre
A cis-regulatory map of the Drosophila genome. N�gre N, Brown CD, Ma L, Bristow CA, Miller SW, Wagner U, Kheradpour P, Eaton ML, Loriaux P, Sealfon R, Li Z, Ishii H, Spokony RF, Chen J, Hwang L, Cheng C, Auburn RP, Davis MB, Domanus M, Shah PK, Morrison CA, Zieba J, Suchy S, Senderowicz L, Victorsen A, Bild NA, Grundstad AJ, Hanley D, MacAlpine DM, Mannervik M, Venken K, Bellen H, White R, Gerstein M, Russell S, Grossman RL, Ren B, Posakony JW, Kellis M, White KP. , PMID:21430782
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