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E-GEOD-25085 - Comparison of gene expression profiles by CD3+CD4+ thymocytes derived from fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cells

Released on 17 December 2010
Homo sapiens
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Human fetal and adult hematopoietic stem cells (HSC) were obtained from fetal liver, fetal bone marrow (BM), and adult BM. These were injected into human fetal thymic implants in SCID-hu Thy/Liv mice (4-6 separate mice per HSC donor) and allowed to mature into single positive CD4+ (SP4) thymocytes over the course of 7-8 weeks. SP4 thymocytes from injected stem cells were subsequently sort-purified from thymic implants and gene expression was performed. HSC from fetal (age 18-22 gestational weeks) and adult (age: 19-43 year old) HLA-A2+ donors were obtained from different tissues. After injection into human fetal thymic implants (SCID-hu Thy/Liv HLA-A2-) the cells were allowed to mature into thymocytes and sorted on the basis of HLA-A2+ expression and CD3+CD4+ (SP4) expression. 3 separate thymic implants were analyzed for each group.
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transcription profiling by array 
Jeff E. Mold <>, Cheryl A Stoddart, Jakob Michaelsson, Jeff E Mold, Jose M Rivera, Joseph M McCune, Kenneth Weinberg, Shivkumar Venkatasubrahmanyam, Sofiya A Galkina, Trevor D Burt
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