E-GEOD-2475 - SAGE Profiles of Rat Lung Tissues

Submitted on 1 April 2005, released on 9 April 2005, last updated on 27 March 2012
Rattus norvegicus
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Thirty-two SD rats (male, 150 grams, 50days) were randomly divided into four groups: normal control group, asthma group, acupuncture-treated asthma group and acupuncture-treated normal group. The rat lungs were removed immediately after the rats were died. The rat lungs were conserved in liquid nitrogen. SAGE analyses were dependent on the classic protocol (Velculescu VE, et al, Serial Analysis of Gene Expression Detailed Protocol, version 1.0e, 2000) available at the SAGENET website. Keyword = Rat Keyword = Lung Keyword = Asthma Keyword = SAGE Keyword = Acupuncture Keywords: disease state analysis
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transcription profiling by SAGE 
Yong Qing Yang <dryqyang@mail2.online.sh.cn>, Gong-Hao Jiang, Lei-Jun Zhuang, Ping Wan, Wei-Rong Jin, Yan Wang, Yan-Yan Liu, Yong-Qing Yang, Yu Wang
Serial analysis of gene expression in a rat lung model of asthma. Yin LM, Jiang GH, Wang Y, Wang Y, Liu YY, Jin WR, Zhang Z, Xu YD, Yang YQ.
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