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E-GEOD-24631 - Transcriptional failures arrest development after human nuclear transfer

Released on 3 October 2011, last updated on 12 October 2011
Homo sapiens
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Reprogramming occurs after nuclear transfer into zygotes whose genomes have been removed in mitosis, but not after nuclear transfer into zygotes enucleated in interphase. Our results suggest that there is a previously unappreciated barrier to successful human nuclear transfer, and that future studies should focus on the requirements for somatic genome activation. 1-3 embryos were used for analysis. RNA amplification was done using two or three rounds of T7-mediated RNA amplification using the Illumina Total Prep RNA Amplification kit. Somatic cells 1-000 and 1-011 required only one round of RNA amplification because starting amounts of RNA were 100-500ng, while embryonic samples were amplified from single cells or embryos.
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transcription profiling by array 
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