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E-GEOD-24311 - Ago2[414] Ago1 Immunoprecipitation

Released on 18 October 2010, last updated on 3 April 2013
Drosophila melanogaster
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modENCODE_submission_2746 This submission comes from a modENCODE project of Eric Lai. For full list of modENCODE projects, see Project Goal: We plan to generate a comprehensive catalog of expressed and functional microRNAs, and generate biological evidence for their regulatory activity. We plan also to delineate the primary transcription units of microRNA genes. Finally, we plan to annotate other classes of non-miRNA expressed small RNAs, as least some of which may define novel classes of small RNA genes. For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and Keywords: RIP-seq EXPERIMENT TYPE: RIP-seq. BIOLOGICAL SOURCE: Strain: Ago2 414; Developmental Stage: Adult Female; Genotype: w;;ago2[414]; Sex: Female; EXPERIMENTAL FACTORS: Adult_ovaries
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RNA-seq of non coding RNA 
DCC modENCODE <>, Eric Lai, Gregory Hannon
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