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E-GEOD-24169 - Finding direct target genes of VND7

Released on 31 March 2011, last updated on 19 February 2019
Arabidopsis thaliana
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Direct target genes of VND7 were explored with inducible expression system using glucocorticoid receptor (GR). Transgenic plants expressing 35S:VND7-VP16-GR were treated with dexamethazone (DEX) and/or protein synthesis inhibitor cycloheximide (CHX). A number of genes related to the formation of vascular vessel was induced by DEX even in the presence of CHX. Total RNAs of the transgenic plants expressing 35S:VND7-VP16-GR treated with DEX plus CHX and those treated with CHX only were compared. As a control experiment, transgenic plants harboring empty vector were treated similarly and the total RNAs were compared similarly to identify genes merely induced by DEX treatment itself.
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transcription profiling by array 
Nobuitaka Mitsuda <>, Masatoshi Yamaguchi, Misato Ohtani, Nobutaka Mitsuda, Taku Demura
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