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E-GEOD-24153 - Gene profiling during symbiosis between the actinorhizal tree Alnus glutinosa and the actinobacteria Frankia alni ACN14

Released on 11 April 2011, last updated on 2 June 2014
Alnus glutinosa
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Alnus glutinosa belongs to a family of angiosperms called actinorhizal plants because they can develop nitrogen-fixing nodules in association with the soil bacteria Frankia. The aim of this transcriptomic study was to get a global view of the plant symbiotic genetic program and to identify new key plant genes that control nodulation during symbiosis in A. glutinosa. Symbiosis between A. glutinosa and Frankia was obtained after inoculation of young plant with a concentrated culture of the bacteria. Inoculation was performed in a medium depleted in nitrogen which favors the induction of nitrogen fixing symbiosis. For this study we considered two stages of symbiosis: - an early stage where inoculated roots were harvested 7 days after inoculation with the bacteria and compared to two controls (non-inoculated roots grown with or without nitrogen and harvested at the same time) - a late stage where nodules (nitrogen-fixing specific organs) were harvested 21 days after inoculation and compared to non-inoculated roots harvested on the day of inoculation (which is our reference time 0d). Three biological replicates were used for each condition. Microarrays were designed by Imaxio (Clermont Ferrand, France ; which has been accredited by Agilent Technologies (Palo Alto, CA, USA; as a certified service provider for microarray technologies. Based on 14327 annotated unigenes for A. glutinosa, 60mers probes were designed using eArray software (1 probe per unigene) and custom 8 x 15K Oligo Microarrays were manufactured by Agilent
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transcription profiling by array 
Nicole ALLOISIO <>, Nicole Alloisio, P Fournier, P Pujic, Philippe Normand
Transcriptomics of actinorhizal symbioses reveals homologs of the whole common symbiotic signaling cascade. Hocher V, Alloisio N, Auguy F, Fournier P, Doumas P, Pujic P, Gherbi H, Queiroux C, Da Silva C, Wincker P, Normand P, Bogusz D. , PMID:21464474
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