E-GEOD-23850 - Cell-specific and spatio-temporal controls of the estrogen-responsive trefoil factor (TFF) locus activity.II

Released on 6 May 2014, last updated on 2 June 2014
Homo sapiens
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Cell-specific transcriptional regulations exerted by the estrogen (E2) receptor alpha (ER) heavily rely upon timely and spatially coordinated processes. We engaged a comparative analysis of such dynamic molecular events at the TFF locus harbouring a cluster of genes co-regulated by E2, in two distinct breast cancer cell lines. Using a combination of methods, we show that the recruitment of ER on cell-specific sites triggers dynamic local modifications of chromatin, which are coordinated in time all along the locus. DNA-FISH experiments further demonstrate that these changes are associated with an E2-dependent reduction in plasticity of this genomic region and are dependent upon cohesin. Importantly, 3C/4C experiments and the use of triplex forming oligonucleotides (TFOs) allowed us to precisely map the three-dimensional network of regulatory events that permits the estrogenic response of this genomic region. These data also evidenced an unexpected functional redundancy of enhancers. Samples (GSM587996-GSM588013): A 18 chip study aiming to characterize Estradiol (E2)-sensitive genes in MCF-7 and MDA::ER cells following 4h or 16h treatment with E2. RNAs were prepared from three independent triplicate experiments. Each of the three technical replicate correspond to pooled RNAs from 1 experiment. Controls for these experiments are 6 arrays corresponding to vehicle-treated MCF-7 and MDA::ER cells.
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transcription profiling by tiling array 
Aurélien A Sérandour, Christine LePéron, Erwan Watrin, Frédéric Percevault, Gaelle Palierne, Gilles Salbert, Justine Quintin, Jérome Eeckhoute, Maud Bizot, Raphaël Métivier, Stephanie Cunha, Stéphane Avner, Sébastien Huet, Vincent Legagneux
Dynamic ER Interactomes Control the Estrogen-Responsive Trefoil Factor (TFF) Locus Cell-Specific Activities. Quintin J, Le P�ron C, Palierne G, Bizot M, Cunha S, S�randour AA, Avner S, Henry C, Percevault F, Belaud-Rotureau MA, Huet S, Watrin E, Eeckhoute J, Legagneux V, Salbert G, M�tivier R. , Europe PMC 24752895
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