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E-GEOD-23360 - Comparison of the RNA expression profile between P-cadherin over-expressing BLM melanoma cells and empty-vector control cells

Released on 1 June 2011, last updated on 13 June 2011
Homo sapiens
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Van Marck et al. (Cancer Research, 2005) published that overexpression of P-cadherin in a melanoma cell line promoted homo- and heterotypic cell-cell adhesion, induced an epitheloïd morphology, and impaired cancer cell invasion. Therefore, we wanted to compare the RNA expression profile between the empty vector control cells and the P-cadherin overexpression variant. This experiment could provide us with effector molecules of P-cadherin that mediate its anti-invasive function. 2 samples were analyzed, each with 2 replicates
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transcription profiling by array 
Joke Allemeersch <>, Koen Jacobs, Marc Bracke, Veerle Van Marck
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