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E-GEOD-22726 - Strome NA_N2_EEMB

Released on 7 July 2010, last updated on 1 May 2014
Caenorhabditis elegans
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modENCODE_submission_2364 This submission comes from a modENCODE project of Jason Lieb. For full list of modENCODE projects, see Project Goal: The focus of our analysis will be elements that specify nucleosome positioning and occupancy, control domains of gene expression, induce repression of the X chromosome, guide mitotic segregation and genome duplication, govern homolog pairing and recombination during meiosis, and organize chromosome positioning within the nucleus. 126 strategically selected targets include key histone modifications, histone variants, RNA polymerase II isoforms, dosage-compensation proteins, centromere components, homolog-pairing facilitators, recombination markers, and nuclear-envelope constituents. We will integrate information generated with existing knowledge on the biology of the targets, perform ChIP-chip analysis on mutant and RNAi extracts lacking selected target proteins, use extrachromosomal arrays to assess the ability of candidate identified sequence motifs to recruit targets in vivo, identify tissue-specific patterns of selected targets, and create integrated, quantitative models of transcription and whole-chromosome functions. For data usage terms and conditions, please refer to and Keywords: CHIP-chip EXPERIMENT TYPE: CHIP-chip. BIOLOGICAL SOURCE: Strain: N2; Developmental Stage: Early Embryo; Genotype: wild type; Sex: mixed Male and Hermaphrodite population; NUMBER OF REPLICATES: 2; EXPERIMENTAL FACTORS: Developmental Stage Early Embryo; temperature 20; Antibody No Antibody Control (target is Not Applicable); Strain N2
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ChIP-chip by tiling array 
DCC modENCODE <>, Susan Strome, Thea Egelhofer
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