E-GEOD-2252 - Use of an Isothermal Linear Amplification Method with Small Samples on DNA Microarrays

Submitted on 7 February 2005, released on 25 May 2005, last updated on 1 May 2014
Homo sapiens, Mus musculus, unidentified
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Experiment 1: U133A arrays (2) hybridized to duplicate sscDNA samples prepared from 20 ng Clontech UHR RNA Experiment 2: Mu6500A arrays (6) hybridized to triplicate sscDNA samples prepared from 3 x 5 ng mouse liver RNA and 3 x 100 ng mouse liver RNA Experiment 3: U95Av2 arrays (6) hybridized to triplicate sscDNA samples prepared from 3 x 10 ng K562 RNA and 3 x 10 ng Stratagene UHR RNA Experiment 4: U95Av2 array (1) hybridized to sscDNA sample prepared from template minus reaction (negative control) Keywords: parallel sample
Experiment type
transcription profiling by array 
Michael E. Salazar, Chandi Griffin, Christopher S Barker, David J Erle, Gregory M Dolganov, Jean Y Yang, Kristina Hanspers
Increased DNA microarray hybridization specificity using sscDNA targets. Barker CS, Griffin C, Dolganov GM, Hanspers K, Yang JY, Erle DJ.
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