E-GEOD-2122 - Skeletal muscle of glucocorticoid deprived and treated mice by SAGE

Submitted on 4 January 2005, released on 5 January 2005, last updated on 10 June 2011
Mus musculus
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Forty male C57BL6 mice 12-15 weeks old fed chow ad libitum. 30 mice underwent adrenalectomy (Adx) and 10 others a sham-Adx. Three or 24 h before tissue sampling, groups of 10 mice received an I.P. injection of cortisol (0.1 mg per mice), while the remaining Adx and intact mice received an I.P. injection of the vehicle (ethanol) 24 h prior to the sacrifice. All mice were killed within a period of a few hours. Gastrocnemius muscle were dissected and pooled together for each one of the four groups. Total RNA was isolated by Trizol. Keywords: other
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transcription profiling by SAGE 
Andre Boivin <Andre.Boivin@crchul.ulaval.ca>, A Boivin, A Calvo, Jonny St-Amand, Mayumi Yoshioka
Reproducibility, bioinformatic analysis and power of the SAGE method to evaluate changes in transcriptome. Dinel S, Bolduc C, Belleau P, Boivin A, Yoshioka M, Calvo E, Piedboeuf B, Snyder EE, Labrie F, St-Amand J.
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