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E-GEOD-21206 - Comparing the transcriptional profiles of a Caulobacter crescentus CB15N (NA1000) wild-type to a SpoT null in carbon starvation

Released on 1 May 2011, last updated on 18 May 2011
Caulobacter vibrioides
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SpoT is an Rsh (Rel / Spo homolog) protein, which synthesizes the alarmone ppGpp in response to starvation. This experiment is quantifying transcription in two Caulobacter strains after 5 minutes of glucose starvation: one strain is wild-type CB15N (NA1000); the other strain is NA1000 which has a chromosomal in-frame deletion of the spoT gene. The wild-type strain can synthesize the alarmone ppGpp in response to starvation and the spoT null strain cannot. Both strains were cultured in M2 defined medium with glucose as the sole carbon source, and then washed and incubated in M2 medium lacking glucose for 5 minutes before RNA isolation. Triplicate cultures of: 1) C. crescentus strain CB15N , and 2) CB15N ∆SpoT, cultured in M2-glucose media, then starved for glucose for 5 minutes.
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transcription profiling by array 
Sean Crosson
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