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E-GEOD-20198 - ATF3 is a positive regulator of human IFN gene expression

Submitted on 4 February 2010, released on 11 April 2010, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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The aim of this study was to identify genes regulated by IL-12, IL-18 and IFN-alpha during early differentiation of human Th1 cells Human cord blood CD4+ T cells were activated via TCR and cultured in the presence of IL-12, IFN-alpha or IL-12+IL-18. Cytokine induced gene expression was compared to activation only after 2h, 6h or 48h of cell culture. 12 samples were analyzed in total.
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transcription profiling by array 
Sanna Filén, Anne West, Eleanor Coffey, Emmi Ylikoski, Helena Ahlfors, Joel Nyström, Kanury V Rao, Mari Björkman, Omid Rasool, Riitta Lahesmaa, Subhash Tripathi
Activating Transcription Factor 3 Is a Positive Regulator of Human IFNG Gene Expression. Filén S, Ylikoski E, Tripathi S, West A, Björkman M, Nyström J, Ahlfors H, Coffey E, Rao KV, Rasool O, Lahesmaa R.
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