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E-GEOD-15209 - Transcription profiling of human foetal neural stem (NS) cell lines and human glioma neural stem (GNS) cell lines

Submitted on 12 March 2009, released on 21 March 2009, last updated on 10 June 2011
Homo sapiens
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Gliomas have been proposed to be driven by a population of neural stem-like cells. We isolated a panel of novel human glioma cell lines using adherent neural stem cell conditions. The normal human foetal (hf) NS cells and the tumorigenic glioma NS cell lines were expanded using growth factors EGF and FGF in adherent culture conditions. In these conditions apoptosis and differentiation are suppressed resulting in more homogeneous populations of stem cells than has been reported previously. We included parallel primary biopsies of non-malignant brain tissue ('Normal Brain'). Experiment Overall Design: Cell lines were expanded until 70-90% confluent and then harvested for RNA extraction. All cell lines were gorwn in identical culture media. We also include 'Normal Brain' samples which are regions of the adult human cortex.
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