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E-GEOD-13808 - Bead-based kinase phosphorylation profiling identifies SRC as a therapeutic target in glioblastoma

Submitted on 3 December 2008, released on 24 June 2010, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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Here we describe a bead-based method capable of profiling tyrosine kinase phosphorylations in a multiplexed, high-throughput and low-cost manner. This approach allows for the discovery of tyrosine kinase-activating events, even when the DNA sequence is wild-type. In an effort to pilot the establishment of a tyrosine kinase activation catalog, we profiled tyrosine phosphorylation levels of 62 tyrosine kinases in 130 human cancer lines, and followed-up on the frequent SRC phosphorylation in glioblastoma. Keywords: quantitative measurements of tyrosine phosphorylation levels on tyrosine kinases Total protein lysates were collected from 130 cancer cell lines. Tyrosine phosphorylation levels on 62 tyrosine kinases were measured with the bead assay.
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proteomic profiling by array 
Jinyan Du <>, Rameen Beroukhim, Andrew L Kung, Bina Julian, David N Louis, DR Mani, Haley Hieronymous, Ingo K Mellinghoff, Karl R Clauser, Linda M Liau, Massimo Loda, Melissa Burns, Paula Bernasconi, Phioanh Nghiemphu, Rebecca L Maglathin, Stephen P Finn, Steven A Carr, Timothy A Lewis, Todd R Golub, Xiao P Peng
Bead-based profiling of tyrosine kinase phosphorylation identifies SRC as a potential target for glioblastoma therapy. Du J, Bernasconi P, Clauser KR, Mani DR, Finn SP, Beroukhim R, Burns M, Julian B, Peng XP, Hieronymus H, Maglathlin RL, Lewis TA, Liau LM, Nghiemphu P, Mellinghoff IK, Louis DN, Loda M, Carr SA, Kung AL, Golub TR.
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