E-GEOD-13230 - Transcription profiling of mouse cell lines to determine the effect of mutations on Met1 or DB7 tumor gene expression

Submitted on 16 October 2008, released on 13 January 2009, last updated on 10 June 2011
Mus musculus
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Metastasis predictive gene signatures can result from either somatic mutation, inherited polyrmorphism or both. This experiment is designed to look at the gene expression differences due to differences in somatic mutations in the initiating oncogene, PyMT. Met1 is from a fully metastatic FVB mammary tumor cell line, DB7 contains a mutation that permits tumor formation, but suppresses metastatic ability. Experiment Overall Design: Mammary tumors from adult F1 animals from (AKR/J x PyMT) and (DBA/2J x PyMT) outcrosses was collected and arrayed on Affymetrics chip to identify basal differences in gene expression between the different genotypes
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transcription profiling by array, unknown experiment type
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