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E-GEOD-13157 - Transcription profiling of zebrafish neuromasts to investigate the role of ERbeta2 in neuromasts development

Released on 26 October 2008, last updated on 4 May 2014
Danio rerio
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The role of ERbeta2 in zebrafish larvae was investigated by injection of a Morpholino against ERbeta2. After 72hpf, the morphants showed a strong disruption in their sensory systems. ERbeta2 has been shown to be needed for the normal functioning of the sensory system organs, the neuromasts. The mechanisms involved in the neuromast disruption in ERbeta2 morphants was identified by microarrays gene screening. After comparison of two screening with low and high concentration of Morpholinos, genes that were present in the two microarrays screening were selected. The genes were then chosen by relevance for the mechanisms involved in the role of ERbeta2 in neuromast development. The ngn1 transcription factor, Notch3 and Notch1a showed to be up-regulated, also confirmed by in situ hybridization. The Notch signaling is known to be involved in cell fate in developing neuromasts. The overall conclusion is that ERbeta2 by interacting with the notch signaling pathways is critical for normal development of the neuromast of the lateral line in zebrafish. Experiment Overall Design: Zebrafish eggs until 4 cell stage were injected either with Morpholino blocking the translation ERbeta2 (ERbeta2 MO), either with a standard control Morpholino (coMO) at a concentration of 15uM. Two biological replicates for ERbeta2 MO, two replicates for coMO and two replicates for uninjected embryos (blank). A total of 6 samples were performed.
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