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E-GEOD-12939 - Transcription profiling of human HepG2 cells to investigate global gene expression changes including drug metabolism and disposition induced by three-dimensional culture

Submitted on 26 September 2008, released on 8 March 2009, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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We found constitutive upregulation and higher degree induction of drug metabolism and disposition-related genes in a three-dimensional HepG2 culture. The upregulated genes are those believed to be regulated by different regulatory factors. The global gene expression analysis by Affymetrix GeneChip indicated that altered expressions of microtubule-related genes may change expressed levels of drug metabolism and disposition genes. Stabilization of the microtubule molecules with docetaxel, a tubulin stabilizing agent, in the two-dimensional culture showed gene expression patterns similar to those in the three-dimensional culture, indicating that culture environment affects drug metabolism functions in HepG2 cells. Experiment Overall Design: We compared the gene expression data from HepG2 cells cultured in the radial flow bioreactor (RFB) cell culture system for six days to those from HepG2 cells cultured in tissue culture plates for five days. Both cell cultures (RFB culture and plate culture) were performed twice independently. In each culture, three samples were collected from three different portions of the bioreactor or from three different tissue culture plates. Microarray analyses were performed in duplicate for each sample using the Affymetrix human genome U133A GeneChip.
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Global gene expression changes including drug metabolism and disposition induced by three-dimensional culture of HepG2 cells-Involvement of microtubules. Shin-Ichiro Horiuchi, Seiichi Ishida, Tomokatsu Hongo, Youichi Ishikawa, Atsuko Miyajima, Jun-Ichi Sawada, Yasuo Ohno, Ken Nakazawa, Shogo Ozawa.
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