E-GEOD-12589 - CMV infection induces a rapid and sustained change in the expression of Natural Killer Cell Receptors on CD8+ T Cells

Submitted on 26 August 2008, released on 28 August 2008, last updated on 1 May 2014
Homo sapiens
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The CD8+ T cell compartment of human cytomegalovirus (CMV) seropositive individuals characteristically contains a high proportion of cells that expresses Natural Killer Cell Receptors (NKR) which may contribute to the surveillance of virus-infected cells. To test if this enhanced expression is a direct and immediate result of CMV infection we used DNA microarrays to analyse putative changes in RNA-expression level of 39 NKRs in CMV-specific CD8+ T cells of renal transplant recipients experiencing primary CMV infection. Already in the acute phase of infection 29 NKRs were induced of which 19 remained high 1 year after cessation of viral replication. Activating and inhibitory NKRs were induced to a similar extent. Detailed longitudinal flowcytometric analyses confirmed NKR changes at the protein level. Strikingly, a strong induction of CD94 on CD3+ T cells was observed with surface expression of activating CD94dimNKG2C dimers appearing before inhibitory CD94brightNKG2A ones. After the acute phase of infection, the balance between inhibitory and activating receptors did not change. Thus, CMV infection induces a rapid and lasting change in the expression of NK receptors on human CD8+ T cells. Keywords: primary cytomegalovirus infection, human, CD8+ T cells, NKR, latent infection, chronic infection CMV-specific CD8+ T cells were isolated at three different stages (peak, 1 year p.i, latent) from three CMV seropositive individuals. Total RNA for each stage was pooled and compared with pooled RNA of naive CD8+ T-cells from healthy controls. For quality control naive CD8+ T-cells were compared with naive CD8+ T-cells. The experiment was performed in dye-swap.
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Ajda T Rowshani, Amber van Stijn, Frank Baas, Ineke J ten Berge, René A van Lier, Sila L Yong
Human cytomegalovirus infection induces a rapid and sustained change in the expression of NK cell receptors on CD8+ T cells. van Stijn A, Rowshani AT, Yong SL, Baas F, Roosnek E, ten Berge IJ, van Lier RA.
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