E-GEOD-12356 - Transcription profiling of mouse bone marrow with Aiolos and OBF-1 deletions from 7 week old mice

Submitted on 6 August 2008, released on 13 November 2008, last updated on 27 March 2012
Mus musculus
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The chromatin regulator Aiolos and the transcriptional coactivator OBF-1 have been implicated in regulating aspects of B cell maturation and activation. Mice lacking either of these factors have a largely normal early B cell development. However, when both factors are eliminated simultaneously a block is uncovered at the transition between pre-B and immature B cells, indicating that these proteins exert a critical function in developing B lymphocytes. In mice deficient for Aiolos and OBF-1, the numbers of immature B cells are reduced, small pre-BII cells are increased and a significant impairment in immunoglobulin light chain DNA rearrangement is observed. We identified genes whose expression is deregulated in the pre-B cell compartment of these mice. In particular, we found that components of the pre-BCR, such as the surrogate light chain genes l5l5 and VpreB, fail to be efficiently silenced in double-mutant mice. Strikingly, developmentally regulated nuclear repositioning of the l5l5 gene is impaired in pre-B cells lacking OBF-1 and Aiolos. These studies uncover a novel role for OBF-1 and Aiolos in controlling the transcription and nuclear organization of genes involved in pre-BCR function. OBF-1 or Aiolos or both were deleted and the gene expression profiles for these animals investigated using Affymetrix arrays Experiment Overall Design: Two control wildtype animals, then duplicates for each of the single Aiolos or OBF-1 mutants and further duplicates for the Aiolos/OBF-1 double mutants
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Silencing and nuclear repositioning of the lambda5 gene locus at the pre-b cell stage requires Aiolos and OBF-1. Alexander Karnowski, Chun Cao, Gabriele Matthias, Sebastian Carotta, Lynn M Corcoran, Inga-Lill Martensson, Jane A Skok, Patrick Matthias.
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