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E-GEOD-11567 - GPR30-mediated estrogen signaling in Estrogen Receptor alpha and beta negative SKBR3 breast cancer cells

Released on 19 February 2009, last updated on 27 March 2012
Homo sapiens
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Gene expression analyses were carried out to identify genes regulated by 17-beta estradiol (E2) and Hydroxytamoxifen (OHT) through GPR30 in SKBR3 cells, a breast cancer cell-line which expresses GPR30 but lacks Estrogen Receptor alpha or beta. Keywords: Gene expression analysis, Non-genomic signaling in breast cancer cells. Gene expression analyses were done for control transfected SKBR3 cells: 1) Uninduced, 2) Induced with 10 microM OHT, 3) Induced with 1 microM E2 and 4) GPR30-antisense transfected cells induced with 10 microM OHT. The cells were induced for 1h and all the samples were collected in triplicates.
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transcription profiling by array 
Deo Prakash Pandey <>, Antonio Madeo, Deo P Pandey, Didier Picard, Lidia Albanito, Marcello Maggiolini, Rosamaria Lappano
Estrogenic GPR30 signalling induces proliferation and migration of breast cancer cells through CTGF. Pandey DP, Lappano R, Albanito L, Madeo A, Maggiolini M, Picard D.
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