E-GEOD-11562 - response of Escherichia coli and glutathion mutants to Cadmium

Submitted on 26 May 2008, released on 31 May 2008, last updated on 2 May 2014
Escherichia coli
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We investigated the impact of cadmium on the global transcriptome of E. coli wild type, ∆gshA and ∆gshB mutant cells to evaluate the molecular basis of cadmium toxicity in the presence or absence of cellular thiols. This global transcriptome analysis were done with cells synthezising GSH (wild type), gamma-glutamyl-cysteine (∆gshB mutant) or neither of the two cellular thiols (∆gshA mutant) under the influence of 100 µM Cd(II). E. coli cells, wild type, ∆gshA and ∆gshB mutant strain, were grown at 37 °C . At a cell turbidity of 100 Klett, cells were treated for 10 min with 100 µM Cd(II) or no metal as a control in TMM medium. Total RNA was extracted, DNAse digested and reverse-transcribed with either Cy3- or Cy5-labeled dCTP. Both labeled cDNA were hybridized to a slide at 42 °C. All experiments were performed with three independent biological repeats.
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