E-GEOD-11505 - Transcription profiling by array of Arabidopsis seedlings mutant for essp3 and brm

Released on 7 February 2009, last updated on 29 April 2015
Arabidopsis thaliana
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Synthesis and accumulation of seed storage proteins (SSPs) is an important aspect of the seed maturation program. Genes encoding SSPs are specifically and highly expressed in the seed during maturation. However, the mechanisms that repress the expression of these genes in leaf tissue are not well understood. To gain insight into the repression mechanisms, we have performed a transgenic screening for mutants that express SSPs in leaves. Here we show that mutations of BRAHMA (BRM), a SNF2 chromatin remodelling ATPase, cause the ectopic expression of a subset of SSPs and other embryogenesis related genes in leaf tissue. Consistent with the notion that such SNF2-like ATPases form protein complexes in vivo, we observed similar phenotypes for mutations of AtSWI3C, a BRM interacting partner, and BSH, a SNF5 homolog and essential SWI/SNF subunit. Further, we present chromatin immunoprecipitation evidence that BRM is recruited to the promoters of a number of embryogenesis genes including the 2S genes, which are expressed/elevated in brm leaves. Consistent with its role in nucleosome remodelling, BRM appears to control the chromatin structure of the At2S2 promoter. These results show that a BRM-containing chromatin remodelling ATPase complex is involved in the direct repression of SSPs in leaf tissue. A matrix comprising the signal intensity value of each gene per replicate hybridization and the averaged data of each gene generated from three replicate hybridizations of the wild type and mutant samples, respectively, is linked below as a supplementary file. Experiment Overall Design: Total RNA was isolated from three independent biological replicates of essp3 mutant and Wild type (Pro?CG:GUS)) respectively. Three ATH1 chips were used for the mutant and three for the wild type.
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transcription profiling by array, genetic modification design
The Arabidopsis BRAHMA chromatin-remodeling ATPase is involved in repression of seed maturation genes in leaves. Xurong Tang, Anfu Hou, Mohan Babu, Vi Nguyen, Lidia Hurtado, Qing Lu, Jose C Reyes, Aiming Wang, Wilfred A Keller, John J Harada, Edward W T Tsang, Yuhai Cui.
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