E-GEOD-11166 - Transcription profiling by array of human kidney allografts pre- or post-transplantation from living or deceased donors

Released on 12 June 2008, last updated on 28 February 2012
Homo sapiens
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The biopsy samples obtained at implantation segregated in 2 distinct groups according to donor origin, with a cluster of 319 unique identified genes higher expressed in DD compared to LD kidneys, and 329 genes lower expressed (false discovery rate <5%). Using pathway analysis software a significant local renal overrepresentation of complement genes in DD implantation biopsies was identified. Complement gene expression in DD kidneys related both to donor death and cold ischemia duration, and was associated with a slower onset of renal allograft function. In post-transplantation protocol biopsies, there was a continued overexpression of complement genes, regardless of donor source. The local renal complement gene expression variability in post-transplantation biopsies correlated with renal graft function. This study demonstrates a significant and clinically relevant local overexpression of complement genes in DD kidneys at engraftment and continuous functionally important regulation of complement gene expression after transplantation, regardless of donor source. Targeted therapy interfering with complement activation is an attractive therapeutic target that deserves further investigation in solid organ transplantation. Experiment Overall Design: A total of 95 human renal allograft protocol biopsies were included in this study, 28 biopsies (14 DD, 14 LD) obtained at implantation prior to revascularization and 67 protocol biopsies obtained after transplantation. Whole genome expression profiles were assessed using microarrays.
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transcription profiling by array, unknown experiment type
Expression of complement components differs between kidney allografts from living and deceased donors. Naesens M, Li L, Ying L, Sansanwal P, Sigdel TK, Hsieh SC, Kambham N, Lerut E, Salvatierra O, Butte AJ, Sarwal MM. , Europe PMC 19443638