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E-GEOD-10361 - Transcription profiling of human platelets as cytotoxic mediators in sepsis-induced acute lung injury (ALI)

Submitted on 1 February 2008, released on 11 June 2008, last updated on 10 June 2011
Homo sapiens
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ALI is one of the most common disease processes in adult and pediatric intensive care units and results in significant morbidity and mortality. The pathophysiology of ALI begins with a massive pro-inflammatory response likely mediated by as yet uncharacterized platelet/endothelium interactions with macrophage activation. This leads to a cytokine/chemokine cascade producing endothelial disruption. Neutrophilic infiltration of the alveolar wall and alveolar space with a concomitant procoagulant state develops. Despite the fact that inadequate understanding of ALI pathophysiology remains a barrier to effective treatment, novel therapeutics including ventilatory manipulations and anti-inflammatory molecules are beginning to improve the morbidity and mortality associated with this disease process. Experiment Overall Design: Acute Lung Injury (ALI) represents a spectrum of critical pulmonary illness in which inflammatory processes lead to varying degrees of alveolar damage and respiratory failure. ALI is a common disease process in the intensive care unit (ICU) with high morbidity and mortality. Based on new insights into the molecular processes of lung injury, we hypothesize that a temporal analysis of cells of innate immunity and thrombosis will demonstrate changes in mRNA and protein expression that are significantly associated with progression of ALI. Additionally, the analysis of the resulting datasets will lead to an unprecedented understanding of the pathogenesis of ALI.
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