E-GEOD-10051 - A compendium of antibiotic-induced transcription profiles reveals broad regulation of P. multocida virulence genes

Submitted on 2 January 2008, released on 1 June 2008, last updated on 27 March 2012
Pasteurella multocida
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Treatment of bacteria with antibiotics at or close to the inhibitory concentration leads to specific transcriptional responses often affecting target genes and targets pathways. A dataset of transcriptional profiles (compendium) induced by antibiotics with known mode-of-action (MoA) can be used to gain information on the putative MoA of novel substances with unknown MoAs. We used a Pasteurella multocida microarray to generate a compendium of transcriptional profiles and to obtain information on the putative MoA of a novel antibiotic compound. We also show a strong impact of the bacteriostatic antibiotics on P. multocida virulence gene transcription. Keywords: antibiotica treatment, time course Midlog-grown cultures of P. multocida were treated for 10 or 30 min with 8 different antibiotics and one novel compound (thiazin) at minimal inhibitory concentrations (MICs) and were harvested. Control bacteria were not-treated and harvested at approximately the same optical density an OD578 of ~ 0.5. Total RNA was extracted from these samples and labelled with biotin. P. multocida whole genome transcriptional profiling was performed by hybridization on the custom-made Affymetrix microarray according to the manufacturer’s instructions. The experiments were done in triplicates.
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transcription profiling by array 
Elena Melnikow <Elena.Melnikow@intervet.com>, Caroline Schoenfeld, Heinz J Ullrich, Michael Duszenko, Nikolas Gunkel, Paul M Selzer, Ralf Warrass, Volker Spehr
A compendium of antibiotic-induced transcription profiles reveals broad regulation of Pasteurella multocida virulence genes. Melnikow E, Schoenfeld C, Spehr V, Warrass R, Gunkel N, Duszenko M, Selzer PM, Ullrich HJ.
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