E-GEOD-10005 - Circadian regulation of a limited set of microRNAs in Drosophila

Submitted on 21 December 2007, released on 27 May 2010, last updated on 1 May 2014
Drosophila melanogaster
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We used a microarray platform to survey the daily levels of 78 D. melanogaster miRNAs in adult heads of wildtype control flies and the arrhythmic clock mutant cyc01. At least 2 miRNAs were identified that showed robust daily abundance changes in control flies but not the cyc01 mutant. Keywords: microRNA, Circadian regulation yw and yw;cyc01 flies were maintained in standard media. For collections, approximately 50-100 young (2-5 day old) flies were placed in vials that were incubated at 25oC for four days in standard 12hr light-12hr dark cycles [LD; where zeitgeber time 0 (ZT0) is defined as lights-on]. Flies were collected by freezing in dry ice during the fourth LD cycle at the following times; ZT1, 7, 13 and 19. Subsequently low molecular RNAs were extracted for microarray analysis using a mirMAX microarray.
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transcription profiling by array 
maocheng yang <maocheng.yang@fda.hhs.gov>, Isaac Edery, JungEun Lee, Maocheng Yang, Richard W Padgett
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