E-FPMI-3 - Transcription profiling of Bos taurus surgical model of the jejunum infected with Bovine rotavirus (BRV) and bovine coronavirus (BCV)

Released on 1 January 2005, last updated on 1 May 2014
Bos taurus
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Bovine rotavirus (BRV) and bovine coronavirus (BCV) infect intestinal villous epithelium in young cattle. A surgical model was adapted for neonatal calves in which a region of the jejunum was isolated from the digestive tract but lymph drainage, enervation and blood flow were maintained. Replicate sections of intestine (loops) were infected with either BRV or BCV and adjacent segments were injected with phosphate-buffered saline. Tissues were collected 18 hours post-infection. Four animals were used for BRV infection studies, and three animals were used for BCV infection studies. Microarray analyses provided a global evaluation of host gene expression patterns following BRV and BCV infection and changes in gene expression were validated by qRT-PCR analyses.
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transcription profiling by array, disease state
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