E-ERAD-240 - Single cell gene expression patterns across different cell cycle stages in mouse embryonic cells

Released on 28 April 2014, last updated on 1 March 2016
Mus musculus
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This study is aimed to decipher the gene expression patterns that exist across the different cell cycle stages at level of individual cells and their inherent heterogeneity. Conventional studies in yeast and human cells have shown coordination between gene expression and cell-cycle. However such a study for mouse ES cells (mES) and their differentiation has not been performed at a single cell level. In this study, we obtain pure mES cells from different cell cycle stages using FACS and apply single cell RNA-sequencing using the Fluidigm C1 system. This work will decipher and unravel the transcriptional patterns that coordinated with cell cycle progression at a single cell level.
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RNA-seq of coding RNA 
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