E-ERAD-136 - RNA-seq of host mice and rodent malaria parasites over the course of infection

Released on 13 May 2013, last updated on 18 May 2016
Mus musculus, Plasmodium chabaudi
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We have shown previously (Reid & Berriman, NAR, 2012) that by simultaneously examining host and parasite gene expression over the course of infection we can determine pairs of genes involved in host-parasite interaction. Here we are producing a high quality dataset which will specifically allow us to exploit this finding to identify genes involved in malaria host-parasite interaction. This has been done in collaboration with Jean Langhorne at NIMR. This data is part of a pre-publication release. For information on the proper use of pre-publication data shared by the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (including details of any publication moratoria), please see http://www.sanger.ac.uk/datasharing/
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RNA-seq of coding RNA, time series design
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